TRF-Properties, LLC

Welcome to trf-properties

Hi!  I'm Tim Fogerty, partner and manager of trf-properties.  Welcome to our recently updated web site.  I invite you to browse these pages to find the apartment that fits your needs.  We are a small, locally-owned property management firm that offers a variety of clean, well-maintained affordable rental housing units for St. Louisans.
I invite you to click on the Contact tab and feel free to contact us with your comments and questions regarding our web site, our products and our services.

Property Services Include

  • Easy-to-read lease agreements
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Accessible staff
  • Responsive attention to your needs
  • Common areas, both inside and outside the buildings
  • Clean
  • Well-lighted
  • Well-maintained
  • A pet policy that balances the needs of the pets and their owners while safeguarding the needs of neighboring non-pet owners

2015 Specials

3021 Pestalozzi: